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"This book started out a bit rough. It smoothed out about a fourth of the way in and started to show the connection the author was intending. The characters were slow to develop but in the end the complete picture had arrived. Many of the chapters reminded me of a book of smaller stories and at the end they blended together in the bigger story. Perhaps if there had not been such a broad line drawn between the characters back and forth in different chapters it might have had a smoother reading. The plot was very good and the details were spot on making you feel as if you were looking at it and smelling the streets and public transportation. The dialog of the characters was actually superb. I had a very hard time deciding on a rating for this particular book as it was exceptional in some areas and not in others. I did receive this book free via the author and do appreciate the chance to read it."

- Denisa Howe

"A gripping novel with not one, but three protagonists and set in a small hamlet at the foothills of the Dhauladhar ranges. The magnificence of the Dhauladhar and the beauty and power of nature are the backdrop to this interesting tale of three individuals who have come a long way from home. Nanda is constantly watching his back as he tries to escape from his past act of violence that has its roots in the martial arts inheritance of his family. Khusroo, a Kashmiri youth, brainwashed into terrorism at an early age, nevertheless shows acts of nobility as his past rewinds in various parts of the book. Rekha, a doctor cum dancer, searches for an experience that she cannot clearly define until she meets Khusroo. These three come together at the scene of a hydroelectric project; details of the project working have been covered exhaustively (often rather exhaustingly) by the author, himself a hydroelectric engineer. The book brings out the rigors of working in a place with little or no infrastructure, the ravages of nature and the ‘live for the day’ attitude of the workers while weaving a wonderful tale of Nanda, Khusroo and Rekha. As a first effort, this book is very commendable and a great read. I certainly look forward to more books by Commander Shibu Kochery."

- Dr. Gita Jayaram

"Enjoyed reading the book immensely. The weaving of the characters from places far and wide into one fabric is unique. The authenticity with which the author has used a variety of languages into the story gives it the required touch of realism and paints a picture in ones head as one goes along in the book. Apart from the technical research on the construction of a hydro electric project, the accuracy with which the nuances of martial arts, traditional dance, Himalayan tribes, terrorism and anti terrorism is brought into the story is outstanding. Must must read!!"

- Pradeep Deshpande

"Shibu Kochery has woven a fast paced gripping tale which kept me glued to the book. One could easily imagine the innermost feelings of the characters and also visualize mentally the beautiful terrain, with all the vistas and the aromas, in which the story is set. It is truly an outstanding first effort by the Author. For those who enjoy a good read, it is recommended to be enjoyed at the earliest and will be a worthy addition to any personal library."

- Adil Mahmood