Latest Trend Setting Indian Novel in Books and Authors - Kochery C Shibu

Degree of revealing. In “Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar” the main protagonists and most of the other characters have a back story. Every chapter and location also has a story. The challenge was to keep the action moving in each chapter and locale with a link to the over all plot. The latest trend setting efforts of Books and Authors can be seen in the crucial backstories in the novel as they have been worked in to the dialogue and the narrative has been kept racy and tight.

Sprint and Drift. It has been another effort in trend setting in the efforts of Books and Authors that slow classical chapters have been introduced in between which gives a feel of drifting after racing and the readers and the main characters also get time to take a pause. This slowing down of pace has been kept after clubbing the short chapters which are short and fast in the racy part of the novel and descriptive and slow in the classic part of the novel. This of course has been a challenge to keep the pace and still not seem pedantic.

Chapters ending in Suspense. Another trend setting efforts of the Indian Books and Authors has been that the story of three protagonists move in parallel and each chapter ends in a suspense making the reader to wonder what is going to happen next. The effort has been to keep the reader glued to the novel. Of course I do agree that the novel could be put down in two phases where the drift pace of the classic part of the novel comes in. For the discerning reader this would only further vet the appetite.

The surprises and the twists. This has been the most challenging part in the efforts of the Indian Books and Authors as it involved many corrections moving back and forth in the novel at every stage during writing, reviews and editing. There is a lot of detailing that goes into making convincing twists and turns in the plot. I must admit that the plot did change as it went along with tweaks in every chapter for the main protagonists and the other characters involved with the main plot. The challenge is of course to have the information in the pages, but the interpretation and the co-relation coming in bits and pieces till it is built up to a climax at a suitable part in the novel.

Protagonists Metamorphosis with the Novel. The main protagonists as also some of the other characters evolve in the novel as the story progresses. This was another aspect of the discerning efforts of the Indian Books and Authors in this novel. In many ways it is also the change in the out look of the characters because of a series of events in the novel that transform them and convincingly so. I am sure this would make the novel memorable to the readers for many years.