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Famous Indian AuthorsFamous Indian Writers- A perspective with Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar

India has had a rich literary history dating from the ancient times. The Hindu sage and Sanskrit poet Valmiki, the first amongst the Famous Indian Authors of the epic ‘Ramayana’ fame, played a crucial role in the development of Classical Sanskrit literature in the first millennium BC. Most Famous Indian Authors of the past is led by the 5th century playwright Kalidasa who is widely regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language. The Famous Indian Authors of the 15 century Kabir and Tulsidas were major figures in Hindi literature. Famous Indian Authors of 19th century is led by Devaki Nandan Khatri, a writer who belonged to the first generation of popular novelists in the modern Hindi language. Early in the 20th century, Bengali poet and Famous Indian Authors Rabindranath Tagore became India's first Nobel laureate. Coming to the contemporary era, Indian writers are making a mark in not only traditional Indian languages, but in English literature as well.

As regards Indian English literature, It is not long ago that there were only handful of books and authors that typically represented Indian English Literature. Famous Indian Authors like R. K. Narayan, Vikram Seth, Salman Rushdie, Arundhati Roy, Raja Rao, and Amitav Ghosh are among the more popular writers of the late 20th and early 21st century.

In many ways Arundhati Roy and “God of Small Things” is considered by many to be the water shed of that transition of Famous Indian Authors taking the centre stage. Arundhati Roy's Booker prize success in 1997 with The God of Small Things and Aravind Adiga winning the booker prize in 2008 for The White Tiger has changed things for the better. With the beginning of the twenty first century and the last decade of the twentieth century has seen India enjoying an English language literary boom. A lot could be attributed to the opening up of the economy, the IT boom and larger number of people who are better travelled and more curious with better means of income have been taking to Famous Indian Authors and their books.

The beauty has been that every kind of fiction has been coming out , be it pulp fiction, chick lit or ‘sari fiction” as some call it, new books are being churned our by Famous Indian Authors to tap into the market and reach out to more readers. The Famous Indian Authors would need to recognize the fact that a handful of the Bengladeshi and Pakistani writers have also found appreciative international audiences.

On the positive side the Famous Indian Authors have spanned out to cover variety of genres that now fill the shelves and one has to admit that there is ever more of fiction, non-fiction and travel writing that has come to the fore. Every facet of the society including cities and villages, campuses and work places have started figuring in the novels.

There is also a sense among some that the whilst the Famous Indian Authors have come up with good books, there seems to be an overdose of chick lit and shallow writing which is taking place. Another aspect the Famous Indian Authors do acknowledge is that while the expanded literary market place has been created by economic liberalism and a more globalised India, the challenge is to bring up the aspect of Indian ness in the writing which reflects the life as it is. Kochery C Shibu , the new entrant among the Famous Indian Authors in his debut novel “Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar” has addressed this aspect of the microcosm of India in the novel. The three main protagonist come from the South, the North and the West of India in his debut novel “Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar”. The novel has used many languages Indian and foreign as they are used in real life for that feel of India and appeal looking beyond Indian shores. Many of the Famous India Authors would appreciate that some of the novels and non-fiction works now being written would relate more to the audience of the sub continent than for international readers to relate to.

Today it is recognized that many of the Famous Indian Authors acknowledge the fact that the domestic Indian market is now sufficiently strong, new writers can concentrate on what they want to write about rather than what they think they must write about. Many of the Famous Indian Authors believe that a story well told is a story well told, and knows no boundaries. The best of Famous Indian Authors new writing may be of local stories, but it could relate well, as with any good writing to any audience.

The challenge of the Famous Indian Authors and the aspiring Famous Indian Authors is to be able to have the 21st century features of India co-existing with the 20th and the 19th century and the cultures and traditions that vary so much. With a population of a billion plus and an economy that is one of the largest in the world and growing fast, there is no dearth of stories.

Indian writing in English has been acclaimed around the world for its innovation, radical new approaches to the art of story telling and reworking of language. While the older generation continues to produce literary masterworks, a newer generation of writing talent has emerged, ensuring that the fountain of imagination in the country does not run dry.

The following book review would give a feel of the Famous Indian Authors in the debut novel by Kochery C Shibu


Famous WritersIntroduction : - The story is based on the different people and how they come together while doing a dam project in a place known as Dauladhar. The book has three main characters – Nanda, Khusru and Rekha. Nanda is the main positive character in this book. He is an engineer from Kerala who has come to Dauladhar for the dam project but always remains in a quest and anxious mood. He wants to forget his dark past which involved mass killings in his family. Khusru is a disowned teenager who has caught himself up with a Terrorist organisation. His intention to come to Dauladhar is to blow up the dam because he has been brainwashed to think that it is for the better future of his community. On the other hand, Rekha is a Kathak dancer who is out of love and doctor out of a profession, is travelling to Dauladhar. Her live changes when she meets Khusru. All characters have their own stories which involves some dark secrets.

Plus Points: - The major plus points of the book is the way the characters are closed knitted together and the relations between them. The charaters really have their own stories to tell and have their own backgrounds. A special mention is to be given to the fact how the Dauladhar watches all the characters in between the construction of the dam which in my opinion is nicely thought of. The character of the protagonist Nanda is especially well thought of and the character is the real gist of the book. The local languages used in the book add spicy flavour to the book. Along with that we can see that all the main charcter belong to different places – Nanda who is from Kerala, Khusru who is from Kashmir and Rekha who is from north India. Still they gel in quite well along. The author has in one way displayed the unity in diversity concept of India which actually looks good in the book. Special mention to the character of Indumati, the mother of Nanda whose character has been created quite well and with a good background of her foreign relations was quite relevant.

Drawbacks: - There are too many characters in Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar that need to registered in our minds and the way the chapters are divided, it sometimes become essential to turn back a few pages and see what that character's situation was at that time. The process of dam construction as in the book is shown slightly complex and should have been left simpler as for a layman, it is difficult to understand but it is understandable that these terminologies were used as the author himself have been part of construction of dams and must have experienced those difficulties.

Verdict : - Considering to the fact that this is the first book of author i feel that it is good book with a lot of drama and emotions. It has its own ups and downs but all in all, the amount i have read i can say that the book is quite good. The climax is still unknown to me due to lack of time but it surely must be interesting how the lives of our three characters change in the end and how they end up.